Integrated Systems
Sourcing E-tek Software to integrate
Chip & Pin into EPoS Systems. Installation and Testing of all Software & Hardware Systems

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EPoS technologies are evolving and E-tek Solutions Ltd are at the forefront of this change Today's highly competitive retail sector requires ever more powerful and sophisticated technology to process vital information. To capitalize on the potential of the newest advanced applications, it's vital that any system or a project is properly planned and implemented.

E-Tek prides itself in providing bespoke EPOS solutions to different markets. We at E-Tek believe that We provide an unparalleled service to our customers which is second to none. We have supplier links to NISA, Costcutter, Premier/Booker and Spar. We are always trying to get links to other suppliers as well. If you are with a supplier for which we do not have a re-ordering link then we can get it developed for you at no extra cost to youselves.

E-Tek provides EPOS solutions to retail, convenience, newsagents, grocery stores, superstores, supermarkets, wholesalers, fast food chains and restaurants. E-Tek also provides CCTV services to its customers at competitive prices and if an EPOS and CCTV solution is purchased together then huge savings will be made. E-Tek works with industry leading manufacturers and distributors to keep the cost of solution down to a minimum.
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